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Netherlands hotel adventure (similar themes to my previous posts)


Height example: 6'2
I’m 5ft1 tall, 115lbs, aged 51. I’m unusually small and lean – small boned, narrow shoulders and limited muscle mass. I was on another of many business trips to the Netherlands. I always felt slightly vulnerable when I went to NL as a particularly small man, given some of the sightings I’d had over the years.

I was checking into my hotel in the north of Holland waiting in the line. My turn came and I walked up to a reception desk…and looked up. The well-fed youngster behind the desk was presumably standing on a very high platform. The desk itself was up to my chest level. I saw it was several inches below his waist, hence my assumption. We got most of the paperwork side of things done – I couldn’t help but notice the size of his hands whilst we were doing that – he was sliding paperwork over to my side of the desk. Jesus, his hands seemed huge and so thick – chubby almost, even at that size. I was starting to shake and the prospect of the inevitable…and then the inevitable happened.

He had to tag by case, so he stepped out from behind the desk. There was no step! This Dutch youth was that tall, FFS! But not only absurdly tall, but also just…huge. I was literally gobsmacked. Suddenly plunged into a state of overwhelm. Feeling small, ridiculous, somewhat pathetic next to this giant teen. I just didn’t get it! There were 6ft 4 – 6ft6 people aplenty in this town, but he was next level tall. I didn’t want to think about the fact he could be 7ft…but he so clearly was. Perhaps even more.

Just so bulky and big too. Overweight, but clearly as powerful as an ox. Yet so youthful too, judging by his young features. I noticed my legs were trembling, shaking quite intensely. I needed to get a grip, but couldn’t.

He wore this extraordinarily big pair of black leather trousers. I don’t know if they were real leather or faux leather, but they seemed to come all the way up to my shoulders, or chin even. He had crazily long, thick legs…like almost disproportionately long, thick legs, with a really large bottom. It was genuinely humbling being in his presence and I could tell he sensed this in me…

He stood up straight after attaching my baggage tag and loomed down at me. Stood close and tall, sort of smirking a little down at me as he explained more about the hotel. He was literally 2ft taller than me, no exaggeration.

The giant then offered to escort me to my room, which was an unusual value-added service these days in hotels, but who was I to disagree. I was just fascinated to be in the presence of such a large guy, so I said thank you and followed him to the lift. I wheeled my case with me and we waited for the elevator to arrive. A couple of American girls arrived at the elevator at the same time. I could instantly tell they too were gobsmacked at the sheer size of the handsome young Dutch youth.

As we entered the elevator, they looked up in awe (even fear). I was stood right next to him. I noted he had to duck quite some wa to enter the lift and his head was right up at the ceiling of the lift. Literally, not an inch to spare, from what I could see from 5ft1, looking up. The American girls were around 5ft4 and 5ft7, taller than me obvs, but the 3 of us just felt miniscule.

There’s nothing more humbling than seeing oneself look so pathetic and puny, but looking in the elevator mirror, that’s the only conclusion I could come to. His waist was literally at my chin, each of his legs, wrapped in shiny black leather (the smell suggested it was real leather), was larger than the whole of me. His hands just looked mammoth – huge thick fingers on each hand. My eyes followed his huge legs down to his shoes: white Nike trainers that looked as though they were a size 18 or something absurd like that.

The elevator ride seemed to last a humiliating eternity. By the time it juddered to a stop, the 2 girls could barely contain their giggles at the size difference between us. I exited followed by the giant like a nervous child, struggling to keep up with his giant leather-trousered strides. He used the key and we entered the room. Even with the 2m+ doorway, the top of his head still looked like it was 6 or more inches above the frame!

He explained some bits and pieces to do with the room, which I was barely listening to – I was just looking at his lips move and just in awe at how big he was. And that was it…he left and was gone and I was left alone with my thoughts for the rest of the evening. Went downstairs a bit later and his shift was obvs over – he wasn’t there behind reception.

I saw him a few more times over the next couple of days of my stay. Each time caused me to involuntarily gulp and start shaking. He was just so enormously tall, it literally had a physical impact upon me. I couldn’t help it. I could tell others were also a bit fascinated by how big he was, but for me, it was different! I caught his eye once or twice and saw him smirk. I could tell he knew full well the impact his stature was having on me! But only a few times over those next couple of days.

It was my last morning in the hotel, before heading onto Brussels. I had a bit of a lie in as I didn’t have any meetings that morning, and was just enjoying relaxing in the hotel room. I’d ordered breakfast in bed. I was starting to forget the giant as I’d not seen him in 24 hours when I heard a knock on my door – it had to be breakfast.

I opened it…and there he was. He had the breakfast trolley with him: I’d ordered cold / continental breakfast, as I’d had cooked the previous 2 mornings. He bent down (far) and wheeled the trolley in. I was in shock and he could tell.

I was still in my comfy satin pyjamas as he entered the room. He stood back up, stood so tall and moved a bit closer to me. His height was even more pronounced than usual as he was wearing his huge trainers (as well as his leather trousers) and I was in bare feet. I’d lost at least half an inch!

I just looked up at him awkwardly. All I could utter was – er, thanks for bringing my breakfast – sorry, may I ask, how tall you are?

He grinned down at me. I’m 2m 18. I literally almost fainted…he was that tall. And so big. I was starting to feel a stirring in my groin just at the situation. I was wearing satin pyjamas – I wouldn’t be able to conceal a thing!

He asked me my height. I stuttered 1m 54. He literally laughed down at me – and asked me to repeat it. He was incredulous. He asked how old I was – 51. He laughed again and said ‘this is crazy’! I asked him – he was just 18. My voice seemed high pitched as I continued: I told him he was the tallest person I’d ever seen. I felt so weak in the legs just saying that. I just wanted to collapse, yet was starting to feel so incredibly aroused.

I held out my hand and introduced myself. He held out his own gargantuan mitt, which totally dwarfed mine. His name was Ben…

To be continued…