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BigDonsBoys.com is now ad free!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Big Don Weho, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Big Don Weho

    Big Don Weho Well-Known Member

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    West Hollywood, CA
    My FREE tall guys website https://bigdonsboys.com is now also AD FREE! Why? It was not my idea google finally kicked me off their ad program after fourteen years! I have not updated the site since 2016 because google ads stopped paying off.

    Advertisers all want to be on facebook so they know all about you. They don't want to be advertising on mom and pop sites like mine because they don't know anything about you except that you like tall guys.
    Plus I have no porn on my site because my web host (which is like a landlord for the internet) would not allow it. Yet google's algorithms keeps flagging my site as porn and refusing to post ads.

    Collections of olympic swimmer pics are said to be porn as their is too much skin!

    This page is porno to google: http://bigdonsboys.com/main/pages_107_110/page_107.htm
    Even though everyone has pants on!

    This page is porno due to a nude butt: https://bigdonsboys.com/other_sports/lawrence_dallaglio/

    Meanwhile I had pages up for YEARS with test ads that were clearly homoerotic scenes in bars staring well known porn star Zeb Atlas. And they thought it was okay: http://www.bigdonsboys.com/h2/zeb/index.htm

    The above image was flagged as "shocking content" even though the actor is clearly wearing makeup!

    I'm so sick of Google being evil I just dont' care that they send me emails every day telling me why I am a pornographer. They once demanded I have more "original content" but how would that be paid for with ads? Not at their rates! Plus I told the guy on the phone "youtube has ripped off every hwd movie I ever animated. Where is your original content?" Then he said "your site is too sexual for our ads" and I said "have you done a youtube search on gay porn? Speak for yourself!" He decided to reinstate the ads for my site. But that was ten years ago.

    Now they have totally turned off ads and I have removed the ad code. At this point it makes so little (less than $1 per day) that I just don't care.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2020

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