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The Boy Next Door

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TVcruiser, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. TVcruiser

    TVcruiser New Member

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    Ever since i moved into my neighborhood, I knew my neighbors were tall, they were athletic volleyball players and their soon would always catch my attention. It was kind of weird , given our age difference of about four years, but at 6'6 and only in middle school, he was already more than a foot taller than me and I couldn't help but wonder how tall he'd grow. Regardless, I've never really talked to them, only in passing, and never directly to their son, he probably has no idea i exist! But, after a couple of years, i entered college and he started high school, and, he hit one HELL of a growthspirt, in his freshmen year, he already hit 6'9 and I cant really help sneak glances from him. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger, the more he grows the more it agitates me that ive never spoken a word to him! My dream has always been to meet a 7 footer and if he gets that big i wont forgive myself for not speaking to him! Anyone have any tips on how to finally meet this neighbor of mine?
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