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Lift New video

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Daniel22, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Daniel22

    Daniel22 Certified Tower 7'1 Certified Tower

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    Minicat lifting & comparisons movie
    movie 1
    5’4 163cm
    Weight 110lbs 50 kg
    Shoe size 8.5 US 39EU

    - Bigman looking down
    - Minicat looking up
    - Showing muscles
    - Standing next to each other
    - Comparing feet
    - Back view
    - Grabbing head
    - Standing next to Minicat kneeling
    - Facing each other while Bigman kneeling
    - Minicat pushing Bigman while on his knees
    - Lifting Minicat with one hand
    - Bicep curl
    - Jumping trying to reach my head
    - Hanging in the air on my strong neck
    - Bigman on tip toes hand comparisons
    - 2 hand comparisons
    - Covering his hands
    - Feet comparisons
    - Feet massage

    Watch me, the 7ft 1 tall Giant Master Bigman vs this tiny thin 5ft4 guy Minicat!

    Duration: 10:40 min
    Full HD with sound
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