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Met tall guy on night out

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Foxy, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Foxy

    Foxy Member

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    Plymouth, UK
    So, just come back from a night out at a nightclub. There were lots of tall guys there... 6'1 height (I'm 5'6), but there was this one guy who my mate (same size as me and has no problems with his height), started talking to this guy because of how big he was. And OMG!!! He was BIG. He was 6'6" and built like an American football player. He was wearing a rugby shirt which was extremely tight showing off his large frame - big waist (probably 45-46") and his chest (50-52"). He also had a layer of fat covering his entire body which made him look even bigger. Watching him go through the doors of the nightclub was just unbelievable as the other tall guys ducked their heads, but he literally bent over to get through them. You could see him wherever he was in the entire club (which was completely packed. And a lot of them really tall anyway). He held the door open for me to go through and all I could think was that I would've had to have stood on tip toes to lick his armpits (that sounds like it should be weird, but really not). Found out from my mate that he was 19. I don't think there is anything worse than having a 19 year old with that sort of build (and knowing he couldn't have been much smaller a few years younger) towering over you and knowing that you will never ever in your whole entire life even compare to someone built so manly as him.

    Sorry, but this is more a rant than an explanation of something 'cool' that happened.
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  2. Sunny

    Sunny Active Member

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    it was so natural what u had felt about him .. coz being short I aslo started fantasizing about tall men ;)

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