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High School Days "Sometime in the late 70s"

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bigmouthrunt, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. bigmouthrunt

    bigmouthrunt New Member

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    "Sometime in the late 70s"

    Back in high school, I was a scrawny, little runt with a bad attitude and no ass to back it up. I went just five-foot-four and 140 pounds, fully clothed.

    I remember the day when I stormed out of Mrs. Levin's office, pissed off and angry because I felt I was being punished for something that I didn't do. Now, I'll admit that I was a wayward teen and a regular in the principal's office and, most of the time I was guilty as sin without a leg to stand on, but there were those rare occasions when I was innocent and this happen to be one of those times. Still, Mrs. Levine, the Junior
    principal told me that I could consider this as punishment for all the crap I've gotten away with in the past.

    I was storming down the hall when I accidently had a collision with Lisa Milton. I remembered her from our Civics class from the year before when we were both sophomores. Who could forget Lisa Milton? Lisa had blond hair to her shoulders and the gorgeous face of a model, but not the tall, slender body of your typical runway model. She went a good six-foot-two and weighed about 180 solid, curvaceous pounds with large, full breasts, long and strong legs, and a big, well-rounded ass that she loved to display daily in skin-tight jeans.

    The collision sent me stumbling backwards and crashing into a row of lockers, while Lisa wasn't budged an inch. Although I was embarrassed because a female knocked me into a row of lockers, I didn't want to show it, so I gathered myself and called her a "big-ass" In retaliation, she grabbed me in a side head-lock and banged my head into a locker twice. I was shocked and humiliated. I fought with all the strength I could muster but I couldn't escape her powerful clutches. She was as stronger than hell. Keeping me locked down in her head-lock, she walked me over to a crowd of students who were beginning to gather, and told me to, "Say hi to these nice people." One guy said that I should find a girl my own size to pick on, but then Lisa told him that I couldn't find anyone that small. Another gal asked Lisa if she was going to kick my ass, Lisa said that she was only going to make me apologize for my mouth.

    With that, Lisa turned me away from the crowd and tossed me over her hip, sending me crashing to the floor. Before I could react to that, Lisa placed her pink, Converse tennis shoe on my chest and pressed down, pinning me flat to the floor and told me not to get up until I apologized. I apologized three times. Still, she kept a dominate foot perched on my chest and told me that I was nothing but a little runt with a big mouth and I had better start being more respectful in the future. That's when I noticed That Mrs. Levin standing out in the hall, near her office door. She must have heard all the commotion coming from out in the hall and decided to come out and investigate. I was wondering why she wasn't intervening and and breaking this thing up? But then the sly, smirk on her face said it all, she was enjoying what she was seeing, it was doing her heart good to see me getting put in my proper place.

    Finally, Lisa took her foot off my chest and I started to get up, but when I got to one knee, she slapped the side of my head and scolded me, "Did I give you permission to get off that floor?" I dropped my head sheepishly, and answered, "I'm sorry, Lisa. I guess I wasn't thinking."

    "You weren't thinking about a lot of shit today, were you?" she said sarcastically.

    "I guess not" I answered, keeping my head down and my eyes cast on the floor and Lisa's pink, Converse sneakers in front of me. "if you just let me crawl out of your sight, I'll never bother you again. Please, Lisa?"

    Lisa stepped aside and extended one, long arm down the hall and said, "Start crawling." Slowly and cautiously, I move to all fours and began crawling past Lisa like the worm I knew I was. The crowd began parting to give me a clear pathway, and as I crawled past them, I was heckled and laughed at called things like "wimp" and a "pathetic runt" When I reached the staircase, I leaped to my feet and ran down then, taking them two and three at a time until I reached the bottom foyer, then I pushed open one of the two glass doors and ran across the campus, not stopping until I reached the West Building.

    I felt down and depressed for the rest of the day. Lisa Milton and that crowd was right about me, I was nothing but a disrespectful runt who needs to be put in his proper place. And it only got worse. A few days later, Lisa's boyfriend, Robert Bell, caught me coming out of one of my morning classes and taught me a lesson about disrespecting his girlfriend.
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