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  1. TicoBerry

    Ummm... Question?

    Random question! But I am 6'7, 15US... But I feel self conscious about being tall anyone else like this or just me? Also finding shoes is a damn mission and being in construction the safety boots usually add like 1.5 - 2" of height so therefore I am more like 6'9... Ahhhhh!
  2. Fred Benson

    Information on a very tall pitcher (I'm doing this for my baseball replays).

    Hello, again! I've seen a lot of tall baseball players (Randy Johnson, Jon Rauch, Chris Young), and I am doing a baseball replay in another forum, he's very tall (but not 7' or bigger), and very large (at least 250, no more than 300 lbs.), and I can use him as a starting pitcher, or a...
  3. Foxy

    Help finding a video

    I've had this picture for a while and I know I've seen the video of it but can't remember where from. Can anyone help?
  4. B

    Any REAl tall guys around my age?

    Hey guysss, I am a small femboy 18 y/o looking for a nice guy i can talk to and like get to know better. Pleass be real and not fake.
  5. B

    Are there any tall guys out there who you wish would keep growing even taller?

    For me, every time I read or hear a story about a really tall guy (especially a teenager), I honestly wish them to just keep getting taller. And I also wish for their feet to keep growing bigger too. I felt this way when I discovered tall giants like Issac Haas, Stephen Zimmerman, Matthew Van...
  6. BlondeMusclePup

    Any Really Tall Guys wanna chat?

    I am a young good looking guy who is 5’10” and 22 years old! I am looking to talk with some guys that have big feet as well as being really tall! The taller the better! If you wanna chat you can message me here or add me on Snapchat. My username is BlondeMusclePup!
  7. hugenate

    New huge teen member

    Hey all New member to the site here.. stopping by to say hi. 18 year old and still growing.. looking forward to getting even bigger than the shorties here lol Feel free to message me on my profile Nate
  8. T

    How tall will I be

    How tall do you think I'll be I'll give as much info as I can I'm 14 years old and 5 months and I'm 6'2 lying down with shoes on Im always measured like that so I'll give all heights laying down with shoes on So my family averages 5'11 and the tallest excluding me is 6'0 my uncle and there's...
  9. P

    Is anyone here still growing in real life? Is anyone SHRINKING in real life?

    I know we've got a wide variety of sizes among the users here, but is anyone still getting taller? Has anyone actually shrunk in height? Speaking strictly IRL experiences here, to clarify.
  10. Murphy

    giant 6’8 guy

    don’t know if this has been posted so sorry if it’s a repeat but i love this video and his channel love when he holds the popsicle