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  1. C

    Which of these 7 footers do you think is the hottest?

    Seriously Will is gorgeous and that height! But for me here it's Isaac and Matt. Matt has a vey elegant face to go with his taller more slender body, and Isaac has that absolute brick of a manly face that suits his stronger build.
  2. C

    Doorway Tall guy in doorway

    The guy is 6'10 246lb Gregor Jakhel Kolarevic
  3. C

    Bigdonsboys.com enters final year of updates

    Will you be keeping the site up without regular updates?
  4. C

    Can anyone id please?

    Don. Be quiet. You don't like tattoos or piercings. Big whoop. I don't like mushrooms. I don't claim that those that do are thrill seekers addicted to adrenalin, gambling on whether the next mushroom they eat will be poisonous.
  5. C

    anyone knows him????

    People on here need to learn how to google search by image. He's BryantWood, a 5'8 fitness model.
  6. C

    Where to go for tall sightings

    I've been thinking of doing a year's study in Denmark to learn the language and hopefully find a tall Danish boyfriend.