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  1. B

    New foot onlyfans (size 16) former college basketball athlete

    I’m gonna second this. Love all the posts so far and am extremely excited to see what comes next!
  2. B

    Blocking posts?

    Bless you all.
  3. B

    Instagram 'Big foot'

    This entire post is the single stupidest fucking thing. He's clearly fake. One of the pics on his IG was of a guy that I posted on here years ago. Also, it really, really bothers me that people are posting pics of presumed 14 year olds. I don't think I'm alone in wishing that a mod would just...
  4. B

    C. G. size 21 feet

    Those feet are RIDICULOUS
  5. B

    Who is the lankiest tall man you know

    MauritsAssen Love this shot, too Forever ducking Again. Not stilts; all legs YES PLZ THOSE THUMBS With fellow long club bud, 7'1" volleyballer (will post more of him soon) KayVanDijk. MA looks EVEN TALLER than 7'3" here! He first came to my attention because of...
  6. B

    Who is the lankiest tall man you know

    Definitely one of the most slender 7+ footers I know: 7'3" MauritsAssen He's all impossibly long legs and long, long limbs, fingers (everything I suppose haha) I posted a few of these my old account: This pic just to set up for the one after it. The guy in the pic before'd need a...
  7. B

    article about 7'2" guy with video

    Thanks for these videos, Robert! I particularly liked the last one (i'm really attracted to tall Asian men).
  8. B

    Height in volleyball does matter video

    I used Firefox.
  9. B

    Height in volleyball does matter video

    That link worked for me, lilphil! Thanks for posting! I'm definitely hardcore swooning over ChristiaanVarenhorst now. Beautiful, beautiful man.